How to configure Varnish to cache static files

This Varnish Cache configuration caches all static or semi-static (e.g. compressed scripts) files – images, javascript, css. It’s ment for single machine setup, to reduce webserver load. Webserver itself in my configuration runs on port 8080. On my server load average dropped by half in peak hours thanks to Varnish. This particular server vas doing some on-the-fly css generation, so your results may vary. Continue reading

How to remove version and protocol from wordpress CSS and JS includes

By default, all WordPress CSS and Javascript files are included something like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

I personally don’t like the use of full file URL and version when including CSS or JS, because query string (the ?ver= part) sometimes messes with caching files in browser and/or proxy servers, and the protocol (http/https) can be bothersome when migrating to https or if your site is accessible in both versions. Continue reading

%%30%30: A Game – creative way to exploit Chrome bug

Github user szhu has created a game called “%%30%30: A Game”.

The idea is pretty simple – precisely move your mouse through the map without touching the deadly trees. It’s a really simple game that’s been around for ages, but with a little twist – every time you accidentally touch the tree – your browser crashes. Continue reading