How to migrate WordPress site to CloudFlare SSL

In this article I’m going to show you how to enable CloudFlare Flexible SSL for your WordPress website.

Cloudflare flexible SSL is the simplest method, to get your site running under SSL (HTTPS) fast and free. Using CloudFlare, you don’t need to purchase an SSL certificate and do any complicated server configuration, pretty much any host will work.
I will try to create very detailed guide on how to do this right, with proper redirects for non-SSL content and HSTS. Don’t be afraid of it’s length, the steps are fairly simple.

What you gonna need

  • A WordPress site with admin access and ability to install plugins.
  • Access to your domains DNS records. In the example I’m going to use a domain name registered at, but any other registrar should work, you just have to look for an option to change name servers.
  • CloudFlare account. You can create one for free here:

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How to remove version and protocol from wordpress CSS and JS includes

By default, all WordPress CSS and Javascript files are included something like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

I personally don’t like the use of full file URL and version when including CSS or JS, because query string (the ?ver= part) sometimes messes with caching files in browser and/or proxy servers, and the protocol (http/https) can be bothersome when migrating to https or if your site is accessible in both versions. Continue reading