Welded bookshelf from square tubing

Finished product

The shelf as it stands now.

Cutting the steel pieces

Square tubing pieces

I cut the square tubing using angle grinder and cleaned off the mill scale from the ends, where it’s going to be welded, using flap disc.

Welding the pieces together

Using welding magnets

I held the pieces together while welding using magnets.

Welding square tubing

Welding square tubing.

Bookshelf sides welded

Both sides welded.

Drilling holes

Drilling holes for the rivnuts.




Inserting rivnuts

Inserting rivnuts with a special rivnut tool.

Welding in cross piece

I decided to add one cross piece at the bottom of the shelf, to meke it more sturdy.

Finished DIY shelf


One thought on “Welded bookshelf from square tubing

  1. Jessie June 4, 2018 / 6:54 pm

    Thinking of asking my nephew to make something similar. What did you paint the metal with to prevent oxidation and how did you do it?

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